About "SIGNS"

Three Generations of Pleasant Artists

William Pleasant, Jr


William Merriette Pleasant, Jr. was a Fine Artist, Sign Painter and one of the early members of the Savannah NAACP. And attended Tyler School of Art and Design of Philadelphia, Penn. He was first of the founding members of the Bahai Faith in Savannah, Georgia and served on the assembly. As a gifted child prodigy he appeared on the Major Bowles Amateur Hour, a then famous national radio program, and subsequently toured the nation as a noted junior showman, and a featured guest on WOR radio in NYC.

David Pleasant
Jane Helf


David Pleasant is an award winning master percussionist/scholar, composer/choreographer, and writer. His work is inspired by the peculiar traditions of Gullah-Geechee culture and in 1993 he created "RiddimAthon! Inc.", a performance and teaching method developed from a synthesis of African, Caribbean and African-American sound and movement traditions.

Jalal Pleasant


Jalal PLEASANT is a represented Installation Artist, Visual Designer and Independent Film Maker. Better known as "PLEASANT". An alumnus of the New York School of Visual Arts, Pleasant's art often walks a fine line between social commentary, parody and satire. Which is presented through his ongoing series of high profile exhibitions and presentations of art internationally.